We provide discounts on merch and help set up a merch store online with unlimited designs without having to spend a penny. No need to have a closet full of unsold shirts.

Tour Booking*
Get on the Road and Live the dream! We use our coast to coast contacts to get your band on the right track.

Endorsement & Sponsor Partnerships*
You want discounted or maybe even free gear? We’ll help you get it. Here’s a list of some of the companies that have endorsed our bands: Imperial Cymbals, Saluda Cymbals, Your very own Custom built Guitars, Legator Guitars, Knucklehead Strings, Dean Markley Strings, Madison Amplifiers, Omega Amplifiers, InkAddict Apparel, High Octane Apparel, In-tune Guitar Pics, and so many more.

We give you advice gained from years of experience working in the industry & education from top tier music business schools such as Full Sail University and other business universities.

Music Distribution
iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Shockhound, Zune, and many more online distributors. We also work with FYE and Hot Topic for physical distribution via our parent label. (Physical Distribution normally requires being signed to a reputable Label)

Label Shopping*
Get your press kit to the right people. Our parent company is a label so we know what they want!

Full Press Kit Creation & Distribution
This is where our creativity comes in. Get it into the right people’s hands and grab their attention.

Gain access to all of our promotion channels. (Radio, Internet Ads on all major metal/hardcore websites ex: Lambgoat, Metalsux, Alt Press, Substream, Metal Hammer, Facebook ads and more)

The Sights Set North App Access
We can help you build your own mobile app which helps your band stay organized and productive. Available for iPhone and Android devices.

Street Team Creation & Management
An empowered street team is the perfect and one of the best marketing tools. We help you engage with your fans to spread the word and reward their efforts.

Publicity Management*
The pen is mightier than the sword. Our publicists will help work with the press to get you out there. We have many Public Relation (PR) Agents that have connections with the most popular magazines and webzines.

Concert Booking
Negotiation is key in every business. Our manager’s work hard to get you paid.

Media Blasts
We distribute your press kits out to key industry professionals.

Printing Discounts
Buy your merch and CDs at wholesale prices and save! We work with the best in the business.

Graphic Design Discounts
Choose from our portfolio of artists and get steep discounts on everything from fliers, to album art, to websites.

Music Video Discounts
Our music video directors work with The Sights Set North bands for less. We work with the best in the industry.

Business Planning
Advance your band to the next level with a fresh perspective on how to run your band as a business from all aspects.

Financial Planning
Understand how to make your money work for you, not the other way around.

Marketing Strategies
Be known. Whether you have $0 or $1 million, we know how to put your money to work, without wasting a penny.

Music Writing & Performance Production
Polish your sound and solidify your stage presence.

Social Media Campaigns
We use innovative techniques to engage your fans and convert them into lifetime listeners.

One Sheet Creation
Keep it simple and grab that executive?s attention with a single page press kit customized for your band.

Royalty Collection*
If your song was streamed or downloaded anywhere in the world, you are owed money. We’ll help you collect every penny owed.

24 Hour Service and Support
*Services not guaranteed but applied with the help of the artists. May include other costs.